I would like to welcome all of you – our current and potential clients in the public and private sectors, our subcontractors, suppliers, partners, friends , staff members and members of Petra family (Petra GRC). Our company is a result of a vision that is not merely execution of architectural projects, but also implementation of such projects as per the highest professional standards and work ethics.
The founders’ task has not been only keeping up with the architectural progress and execution of huge projects but also winning the trust of all the clients with whom we work and deal. We proceed with our partners in building the future and look forward to bigger successes and mutual investment. Best Regards..

Latest Projects

Pergola7 Pergola | Jordan
Pergola6 Pergola | Jordan
Pergola5 Pergola | Jordan
Pergola4 Pergola | Jordan
GRC8 GRC | Saudi Arabia
GRC7 GRC | Saudi Arabia
GRC6 GRC | Saudi Arabia
GRC5 GRC | Saudi Arabia
Pergola3 Pergola | Jordan
Pergola2 Pergola | Jordan
Pergola1 Pergola | Jordan
pergola Pergola | Jordan
grc4 GRC | Saudi Arabia
grc 3 GRC | Saudi Arabia
GRC2 GRC | Saudi Arabia
GRC GRC | Saudi Arabia